Transformational Routemapping for Urban Environment (TRUE)

  • The Project Initiation Routemap (Routemap) was established to address common and recurring issues in the early stages of the delivery of major infrastructure.
  • It is a product of government working collaboratively with industry and the University of Leeds, to support infrastructure providers to optimise the delivery environment for major projects and programmes.
  • It recognises that there is no one solution but there are characteristics common to both successful and unsuccessful project delivery.

The Routemap is

  • An aid to strategic decision-making when specifying and initiating an infrastructure project.
  • A set of assessment tools that help determine:
  • Context and complexity of the delivery environment;
  • Current and required capability of the sponsor, client, asset manager and market; and
  • Key considerations to enhance capability where complexity-capability gaps and other areas of mis-alignment are identified.

The Routemap is not a…

  • Prescriptive process – it is meant to enable reflection on the project and its environment.
  • Route to a single solution – it ensures that the ‘right’ questions are asked at critical points in the project lifecycle.
  • Replacement for existing assurance and review procedures – though it can support these.
  • Maturity model for organisational assessments – however, applying the Routemap on specific projects may identify organisation-wide issues that need enhancing.

Vision for TRUE

The success of the Routemap presents an opportunity to apply a proven strategic decision-making aid to rethinking how local authorities deliver integrated city-wide solutions.

The project aims to firstly, apply the Routemap to 3 Breakthrough Projects and secondly, use that experience to develop a Transformational Routemap for Urban Environments (TRUE) addendum comprised of a suite of tools specific to the future urban living context.

Benefit to the Breakthrough projects

Application of the Routemap and the development of TRUE will help those delivering integrated solutions to:

  • Understand the complexity of their particular landscape;
  • Ensure that their vision is clear, meaningful and indicative of the desired future state;
  • Describe the organisational capability (both capacity and competency) needed to manage the complexity and deliver the outcomes; and
  • Design a programme of enhancements to build that capability with realistic transition and lead times.