TRUE: Physical Activity – Inner East Routemap Review Workshop 2, 24 July 2017

The results are in and unfortunately the local delivery pilot bid did not receive funding from Sport England, but fear not! It has been decided that the project will still go ahead on the current budget, therefore the second route mapping workshop went ahead as planned.

Following on from the last session, the Routemap team presented their key findings from workshop one. These findings identified key elements that are missing from the project and were presented around four main areas; vision and value, leadership and governance, integrated working and outcomes and accountability. An example of a key finding from the ‘vision and value’ group is ‘the objectives for the approach have not been defined or are not agreed.’

The attendees were then split into four groups and tasked with creating recommendations for each area of the key findings. These were then compared against the barriers to achievement, desirable characteristics for the project and the critical success factors. Each group then shared their recommendations and collectively, the team debated the language and transparency used, before they were finalised.

The next step, was to create a timeline estimating by what point the project should have made an impact to the targeted community. This was displayed on a graphic of the sky with the sun symbolising the end goal. The group decided that by the end of 2018 the project should be influencing communities, and gave three intermittent milestones of 100 days, January 2018 and April 2018. This gave a visual template onto which groups could plot their actions.

The individual groups then turned their recommendations into actions or ‘goodness statements’ and plotted those onto the posters. This showed at which point each action should be completed and specifically related to each of the four findings groups. An example of which is shown below:


Lastly, the information across the four posters was amalgamated onto one sheet to create a ‘Combined Enhancement Plan’. The Routemap team will then formalise and streamline this sheet to provide a final document which shows tangible actions that cover all the key areas of the project and provide the project leader with a structured forward action plan.

Ultimately, the data collected from this pilot project (and others) will be used by the TRUE team to establish the route mapping tool and transform it into an online resource that can be used by local authorities to manage social projects.

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